Tiny Leaps, Big Changes
Everyday Strategies to Accomplish More, Crush Your Goals, and Create The Life You Want

Why is it that we all know what we need to do to accomplish our goals, but are unable to do it?

In this book, I explore this question through the lens of human behavior. I interview experts, comb through psychological studies, and present real-world scenarios.

The result creates a viable solution to bridging the gap between knowledge and action, and creating the life you've always wanted. 

Learn the Six Stages of Personal Change and how to use them to change your life
Understand the secrets to your own behavior and why you never take action on the goals you've set
Discover a proven system for setting and accomplishing ANY goal no matter how challenging
"Refreshingly honest and REAL! A step-by-step guide to achieving anything you want. I'd recommend [Tiny Leaps, Big Changes] to anyone wanting to move forward in their mindset, strategy, and goals!"
- Erika De La Cruz, TV Personality, Founder, Passion to Paycheck
"I love Gregg's philosophy on changing your life: It's all about adjusting your day-to-day behavior. This book is a clear, concise guide for doing just that. Go create the life you deserve!"
- Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
"This is not a self-help book--this is a playbook for making real change in your life, one small step at a time. I highly recommend it!"

- Ryan Carson, Founder & CEO, Treehouse
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